Kira (Steger) Trevino went missing Friday, February 22nd, 2013. Her husband, Jeff has been charged with 2 counts of Second Degree Murder, due to substantial evidence found in her home and vehicle. The only thing, and most important, that is missing- is her body. In an effort to both bring her home to rest in peace, and also help bring justice, this blog has been created as a means of updating locations that have been searched.

How can you help?

Use this map as a means to check out what searches are going on, and also if there are areas near your home, you can easily see what is close. Once you search an area, please leave a comment/reply with as specific of details in the area you searched as you can, so we may update the map with your searched locations (please use the comments section to leave areas with which you have searched, questions you may have, or issues/questions with the map, I’d like it to be as factual as possible, with no opinion pieces or “conversation starters” for respect and also to make sure it is as to-the-point as possible). Please note that just because an area has been searched does not mean she may not show up there. Weather, nature, and the like may move her from one area to another. It isn’t intended to be a one-and-done, just a way to perhaps narrow spots down.

ALWAYS have a buddy, and a fully charged cell phone. Bring a snack if you are planning an extended hike. Wear weather appropriate clothing, and be careful so as not to trespass. If you do happen to locate any suspicious articles or evidence, firstly, do not disturb it, and second, please contact the police immediately, at 651.560.3277. This is also the tip line that has been established.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions, lets bring her home quickly!

Pura Vida,



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