This is the first blog entry to help bring Kira home. The intention of this blog is to have a forum to discuss and update locations, and ensure a systematic and public means to find Kira Trevino.  

Sitting on the couch, my boyfriend and I discussed how we can help to find her, but also make it easier for everyone that wants to help. My boyfriend has a degree, and currently works in GIS, which is in the simplest terms- a means of creating maps and data (think google earth-esque), so making a map of all of these places (which will include parks, preserves, and as much of the information the police have suggested as areas to search for her). These will be noted as POIs, or Points of Interest to make it easier to see where you are in relation to these areas, and where they exist as potential spots to look. We have contacted the St. Paul Police Department, and may even be able to include data of areas they have searched as well. 

Each week (hopefully it won’t take long) my boyfriend will compile mapping data (from everyone’s searches) and post it, along with dialogue about noted findings, important info or areas that anyone would like double checked. We are making the map easy to read, and once we have more data, will have a legend so all of you are able to discern what you are looking at, what has been searched and so forth.

This is just a group to help with organization.  ANY AND ALL TIPS OR LEADS NEED TO GO DIRECTLY TO THE ST. PAUL TIP LINE: 1.651.560.3277 (you can call or text them in). We don’t want to get in the way of or hinder the investigation, but it is also important to have an idea of places to look- and try not to duplicate efforts. This is all in service of helping a dear and beautiful friend. Please share this with friends, family, co-workers- anyone that may want to help, as the more people that look, the better the chances are of finding her. 

Again, looking once won’t always ensure that the spot can be “crossed off” as elements may mean she moves into or around an area where someone may have previously looked. Hopefully, in conjunction with the tip line, we can narrow down areas, and re-comb them as needed.  The more you canvass, the better your odds. And that is my hope. 

Please use the comments section to annotate areas you have looked, or possible ideas. Reach out to me if you need anything or have questions.Image

We are GOING to bring her home, it takes a village- but we can do it.

Pura Vida.