Monday, March 18th 2013


I just want to take a moment to say thank you- to all of the people that have been searching.  You may know Kira very well, you may have met her once. Or, you may not have known who the heck this gal was until this all began happening.  But the fact remains, that the amount of people that care- to come out in the cold and help look, some traveling long distances, is a testament to just how special she is.

This weekend was full of searches, so as you will notice, the map got  A LOT bigger.


The GREEN NEON DOT is Kira’s home, the YELLOW NEON DOT is the Mall of America, the RED LINES are the areas searched.  There are 3 maps, an overview of the whole area, a detailed map, and a PDF of the detailed area, that you may zoom in on and check out a bit closer. On the overview map, there are rings.  Each one is representative of 10 miles.  So, the first is 10 miles out, the second 20 and so forth.  It really helps to zoom in, as it is much more detailed, and easier to read.

Detailed Map (need to zoom into image) –
Detailed (Large 10.22 MB) PDF –

Once you have searched an area, please comment on this blog so we may mark the area off.  BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE to the areas you looked (many smartphones have GPS apps, such as Edomundo, Charity Miles, and MapMyWalk in which the exact area that you look is mapped. You can screen shot it, or email it to  If you do not have a smartphone, or access to these apps- bring a notebook and keep track of notable areas (path names, intersections and so forth). This makes it easier for us to map, but more importantly, for someone that may want to continue searching the same area won’t be retracing your steps, rather going off of where you may have left off.

WHEN SEARCHING: have a buddy, bring your fully charged cell phone, wear brightly colored, weather appropriate clothing, and- as we have found, bring a walking stick (hockey sticks and unscrewed broom/mop/rake handles work great also) to poke in the snow.  A pair of binoculars is helpful as well.

If you find any evidence, do NOT TOUCH IT!!! Call the tip line at 651.560.3277. Again, thank you so much… we are hopefully getting closer to bringing this beautiful woman home.

Pura Vida,


  1. Jennifer Benson said:

    I’m going to share your site on my Facebook. Your updates are great and the detailed map is great as well! – Jennifer Benson.

    • engelnm said:

      Share away, and thank you so very much!!

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