Tuesday, March 12th, 2013


Good Evening everyone, here are the most updated maps.  I want to take a second to tell you just HOW MANY places we are adding each day- the answer is A LOT!! All thanks to every one of you searching and reporting back.  The outpouring of support is incredible.  In the 6 days we have had this blog going, over 5200 people have checked it out.  PLEASE keep sharing it- however you are able.  This work makes it easier for the police, and will ensure she may rest in peace much sooner than later.

Here are the links: MAP LEGEND– The NEON GREEN DOT is Kira’s house, the NEON YELLOW DOT is the Mall of America, and the RED LINES are areas that have been marked as searched.  On the Overview map, we have added a PURPLE 50 mile radius.

50 mile buffer overview – https://www.box.com/s/lqi3mgzpg7dytiqrbggc
Detailed Version-turned off labels for places (becoming too busy) – https://www.box.com/s/sw5pns1x4oypovxb1477

NEW FEATURE: Justin has created a PDF of the detailed map. When you open this one, you may zoom in MUCH closer, so you can look at specific areas. Each time we add places that have been searched, I always try to keep the locations of her home and MOA in the map so you can see the searched areas, however- for those that would like to search more of an area, the PDF version will allow you to get much closer in to the area you are interested in.

– There is also, on the overview map a 50 mile radius buffer area.

When searching:

– Please note the areas you have searched as best you can- Bring a notepad to write down intersections, mileage etc (some people have suggested GPS applications for phones, such as MapMyWalk, Edomundo, and so forth). You can send the map to findingkiratrevino@gmail.com  This makes it much easier for Justin to note the areas you searched exactly.  Please add a comment on this blog of areas you have searched.

Bring a fully charged cell phone, wear bright colors, use the buddy system, wear weather appropriate clothing, and be careful of private property and areas of trespass.

IF YOU FIND KIRA: do NOT disturb the scene. Please notify the tip line at 651.560.3277.

As always, let me know if you have any questions, or need help with the maps!

Pura Vida,


  1. Mark D said:

    Searched & Flagged Trails and RXR tracks in St Paul/ Maplewood/ White Bear.Justin will be mapping it soon.

    [ Its my understanding that this Jeffery guy worked in the construction field] Does anyone know if this is true? If so, can anyone tell me what type of construction trade he was in and who he worked for?

    • Angel said:

      Yes that is true, he was in construction. Not sure what type. mostly worked in the Wisconsin area. when he worked I believe he spent his work days in Wisconsin.

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