Sunday, March 10th, 2013


Good evening everyone, firstly- to those that spent time this weekend, either with the organized search or on your own THANK YOU!!! And, secondly thank you for sharing with friends, family and co-workers.  Having people regularly provide updates with locations has been incredibly helpful. I want you all to realize that the task of finding someone (a needle in a hay stack if you will) becomes infinitely easier when you have so many people invested in helping. I am from Wisconsin- and I heard about “Minnesota Nice” before moving here, but this is really incredible.

The searches today didn’t yield in bringing Kira home, but we have a lot of great information, and so many places were “marked in red.” Any other areas that you have searched- please leave a comment or reply, and be as detailed as possible, noting start and end areas.  This makes the task of marking off specific sections that much easier.

*** For those of you that are computer savvy, a note from Justin***

I want to thank you all for updating where your search efforts are happening. I am trying my best to create the map information based off of the descriptions you are sending, but sometimes it can be a bit tricky for me to exactly understand the area and extent of your search! I would ask a huge favor of anyone submitting information with regard to places and areas they have searched. Assuming you have a pc (if you have a Mac hopefully you will know all the ins and outs to what I am about to ask), the following steps would make it much easier on my end to exactly understand where you are talking about. Open up your web browser and select a mapping website ( , , , etc). Zoom into the area you have searched. Press your print screen button. This will do a screen capture. Next go to the lower left, click the windows button (or start), all programs, accessories, and then paint. now Paste (Crtl + V). now draw on your map with a color that sticks out (red, yellow, etc). You can add text, etc. Save the file as a jpg and send the link to me – findingkiratrevino  at

MAP LEGEND: We have added a YELLOW DOT to show the Mall of America. The NEON GREEN DOT is Kira’s home.  The RED are locations that have been searched.

If you need a particular area zoomed in more, let me know.

I am focusing on the sections that were searched (I will include the links for the larger map and previous sections), as you will note that some of the southern and western searches have been cut off. It becomes very difficult to read or see the red when it is zoomed out so far, so we thought this would be easier. Let me know if you have questions or need help with the map.

As always, SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!!!

Notes on searching: Please use the buddy system, wear bright clothing, carry a fully charged cell phone, and dress for the elements. A walking stick (we unscrewed broomsticks and rakes) will be helpful to navigate terrain, and also to poke in deeper snow. If you find Kira, do NOT disturb the area- and please call the tip line at 651.560.3277

Thank you again,





  1. Kay said:

    In an effort to help Justin mark the map with areas searched – I thought I’d put out there that there is an app that can be downloaded free from the android market called “Endumondo” (assuming you have a smartphone with GPS). This app is actually made for walking/running/bicycling. It allows you to “track” the route & mileage you have gone via GPS signals. You could log into a computer & screen print this map & email it to Justin as it will give him exact locations of where you have been when searching.
    (for those with privacy concerns – this app doesn’t run all the time, only when you tell it to start & stop)

    Hope this may help! 🙂

  2. christie said:

    my husband & I searched the area off black dog road on the northeast corner by the railroad tracks. we went back as far as the marsh and contiuned east to the creek. We walked back up the railroad tracks remaining on the Northeast side of the railroad. We are figuring we covered atleast 1/2 mile to the marsh and 3/4 of a mile to the creek. We will continue this evening and plan on going to the southwest corner off the railroad tracks. Let us know if we can help elsewhere. Christie 952-374-7440

    • engelnm said:

      Thank you so much! This will be added shortly!

    • Mark D said:

      Christie: I was at Black Dog today also. If you look You will see Green/ Yellow flagging tape with (K T) on them all over the place. Them areas have been covered. Today I walked between the road & river in the wooded area next to the bank from the Excel plant to the dam going east and on the south side of the road on the edge of the restricted area heading west. Lots of areas to cover,but just wanted you to know when you see the Green/Yellow tape I was there.
      Thank You!
      Mark D

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