Saturday, March 9th, 2013

Hey folks, here is the most up to date map we have.  Please, PLEASE let me know (via the comments or reply section on here) what places you have searched so we can update the map accordingly.

Many of the places have been canvassed, meaning the whole location has been searched.  Some of them have only been walking trails or sidewalks.  It is important to note those kinds of details, so we can make sure we are “crossing off” the appropriate area.

The intention is to help narrow locations down so we can better find Kira.

Please, use the buddy system and dress weather appropriate- carrying a fully charged phone, and wearing bright colored clothing so you stay safe.

If you find anything, do NOT disturb the site, call the tip line at 651.560.3277.

MAP LEGEND: Kira’s home is the neon green dot, all searched areas are indicated in red. 

Map overview (of all places) –
Detailed zoomed in version –

Let’s bring her home folks. And, most important- thank you so much for taking the time to read this, to volunteer to search, and to share with friends.

Pura Vida,


  1. Mark D said:

    Update: Saturday 3/09/13 Searched Bruce Vento Trail, St Paul from Larpenteur Ave to Frost Ave “Rained out”

    Sunday 3/10/13 Searched Hwy 13, Mendota Sibley House area & State Park, RxR tracks from Hwy 55 to mile marker 6,= 6 miles. Heavily used area with lots of Dog walkers!
    Mendota Hwy 13 bike trail head parking area.
    Mendota Old Hwy 13 Catholic Church parking area & Grounds.
    Mendota Old Hwy 13 Big River Trail head & Over Look, Made contact with Mendota Police, Searched & followed old tracks in snow in to heavy wooded areas, culverts in marsh areas & RxR tracks, miles of very remote areas have been coverd.
    Eagan Hwy 13 under 494 bridge.

    I am working my way from 35E on Hwy 13 west, running the shoulder of road looking for tracks going in to wooded areas.
    Monday AM, I will head back to Hwy 13 & 494 and trail back to a popular fishing area by the Minnesota River.
    By days end I should have Black Dog wild life area covered to 35W Burnsville.
    I will start Tagging areas with Green & Orange ribbons.
    Mark D
    St Paul

  2. Mark D said:

    Update: Monday 3/11/13.. As indicated on my posting Sunday, I returned to “Eagan Hwy 13 & 494” @ 10:44 Am. This is a parking area for the State Park access. It has a long, Mile or so paved trail heading North along 494 to the Minnesota river(Fishing Area).
    This area also has about 40 acres of modest to heavily wooded areas bordered by wetlands. Spent at least 2.5 Hrs tracking & searching. All areas that have been searched are TAGGED with a florescent Yellow/Green Flagging tape with Initials (K T) black marker on them.

    Headed west to the “Minnesota Valley Black Dog Preserve” This is a Massive “Secluded” wildlife preserve & state park
    that starts under the Hwy 77 bridge and ends at 35W. This is also the border area for, Eagan/ Burnsville & Bloomington with a paved road that run right next to the Minnesota River, with ez access to 35W. There are areas that are prohibited to enter on FOOT. This is also a very popular area for river fishing from the banks.
    I searched 3.5 hrs from the Dam going east along the river banks, under the Hwy 77 bridge & around all bridge pillars & along the steep road ditch lines & wooded areas. Also followed old tracks running in to marsh areas. All areas are TAGGED with florescent Yellow/Green Flagging tape with Initials (K T) black marker. I also scan areas with high powered Binoculars. FYI: Yellow Tinted safety glass’s improve sight definition in snow.

    I will return to the area Tuesday 9:00 am for a few hours, If anyone is in the area, look for my Green Honda Civic beater or if snowing, look for a big White Toyota Tacoma 4×4. There will always be a Sign on the front Windshield for Law Enforcement contact & my phone number.
    I will also work on that Mapping for your records.
    Thank You!

    Mark D
    St Paul

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