Friday, March 8th

First and foremost- if you are reading this post, please, please help spread the word about it- so that anyone that has been searching can add a comment as to the areas they have looked.3

The intention of the map you see is to be both large scale and more detailed. I am going to be providing more “zoomed in” areas so that people may see what has been searched in those areas.  Since the radius is very large at 100 miles, it would be next to impossible to be able to see more minute details, such as a smaller section of a park.  The maps may look a little different as far as sizing is concerned, but we will keep it as consistent as possible so that people may be able to read it, no matter your level or ability to read a map.

What you are looking at is the first (and so far only) location that has been searched (this is also why it is going to be so important to comment on areas you have looked, so we may have more data within the map).  READING THE MAP: The smaller neon green circle is the location of Kira’s home. That will always be able to be seen on the map, no matter the size, so you may have orientation from her home.  Anything in red (as noticed on this map) is indicative of the area searched.  The more specific you are, the easier it will be for us to mark an area off.  For example, if I searched a park- but only searched a 4 mile loop beginning at the parking lot and ending where I began, please note that. **** Bringing a notepad to write down details of where you have looked will not only give us the best idea of the location, but also help in the instance you are lost (please be safe, wear appropriate shoes/clothing, bring your fully charged cell phone, and don’t go in unfamiliar areas alone.)

This weekend there is a search effort that will be going on- another map will be posted Monday to update those areas.

Here are the details of that search (it is an organized search- if you are able to participate, please join. However, the other intention of the map is to be able to see where you are in relation to Kira’s house and search independent, if you would like, of those searches- and also see what areas have already been looked into).

Search time and date: Noon Saturday, March 9th.

Location: Mississippi National River and Recreation Area, Spring Lake. 13690 Pine Bend Trail Rosemount, MN 16.8 miles (about 21 minutes) from Kira’s home (the neon green dot).

Terrain/weather: It is expected to rain tomorrow. Dress warm/rain gear, boots or galoshes (for walking in the woods) if possible. Walking sticks recommended.

Notes on search: in an effort to be safe, please bring a fully charged cellphone.  Buddy system will be in effect. There is a sign in/out sheet, both to ensure no one is lost, and also to properly record location.

An officer will be stopping by the search site to speak with the group.

One last thing- I don’t want people to become uninterested in the blog, and would like it to be as relevant and informative as possible. Please only reply or comment with relevant information as to your searches. I don’t want to bog this down with information that is not fact based.  Thank you.

If you have issues seeing this map- please let me know. The space for us to insert a photo is limited, so if you are unable to zoom or save to your computer and see it larger, please don’t hesitate to speak up!

People were having trouble seeing a larger version of the map- here is a link to click on to see the maps.  Going forward, I will include a small picture and the link to download and see the full version for all posts.

Pura Vida,


  1. Tonya said:

    Also – there is a search happening on Sunday – you may want to try and connect with this group. I heard about it on FB.

    THIS SUNDAY MARCH 10, 2013 SEARCH FOR KIRA STEGER TREVINO The search will start at 12 p.m./noon at St. Paul Parks and Recreation 950 Lilydale Road, Saint Paul, MN 55118. This search is being lead by a local person who is dedicated to help bringing Kira home. This search is subject to change, since the weather plays a role in the searches. Please click on the link and click Join or Maybe to continue to receive updates about this search. Even if you can not attend the search we ask that you share this with others you can do that by clicking share on this post or clicking on the link and choose Join, Maybe or Decline then you will be able to click Invite Friends. Kira’s father has given authorization for this post.

  2. JoAnn said:

    Tonya, thanks so much! ♥

  3. Kevin said:

    What was the area that was searched? Is that the area by the Renaissance Festival?

    • JoAnn said:

      Kevin, I think the search is on Sunday

      • Kevin said:

        Yea but that search is for a different area. The red area looked like it was near the renaissance festival grounds. I wasn’t sure if the red area was an area that was already searched or not. Was just wondering.

  4. Katie said:

    My husband and I checked a lot of smaller parks more centrally located in St. Paul. I’m not sure how small of parks you are looking to mark off, but we thoroughly searched Phalen Park a couple blocks from her house. I don’t think there is any area we missed there. We also checked from the parking lot east to just the other side of the bridge on the north shoreline of the Mississippi from Hidden Falls Park.

    • engelnm said:

      Thank you!!! This will be added to Mondays map!

  5. Mark D said:

    Hello, Will be looking early in the Maplewood & St Paul areas, Saturday along wooded bike trails & RXR tracks. I have been searching for more info on the investigation. If you have any please post it, I don’t do facebook. 100 mile radius tells me when the car was seen at the gas station it must of had a full tank and when found it had a 1/2 tank?
    I live with in 3 miles of their home, I know this area & the back way areas from St Paul to the Mall.
    Contact Info will be given Via Email. The Map is Great Help!
    She Will Be Found!!

    Mark D
    Rice & Maryland Ave area.

  6. Jeremy Monn said:

    Nikki. My name is Jeremy I would like to help out with the search. I am going to school for law enforcement. Could you please give me a call and information about searches. My number is 952-540-7139. I would like to help out as much as I can.

    • engelnm said:

      Hi Jeremy, I didn’t “post” your comment only because I didn’t know if you would be comfortable with your phone number being posted. That said, if you have the ability to search, and put your criminal justice knowledge into play- that would be amazing. Kira is a friend of mine, so I have an invested interest in finding her. The more people that search, the more we can narrow down where she is. Once you look at areas, just let me know and I will update the map as such. Thank you so, soooo much!

  7. Bert said:

    Hello. I will be searching the university of Minnesota U-more park in Rosemount from cty road 46 to the northern section of cty rd 42. This section of land is west of hwy 52 and not too far away from where your other search began at spring lake. According to google maps; from her residence to this area is 21 miles (one way) . Another spot I will be searching is off hwy 52 over the vermillion river. I truly want to help her family find closure in this matter. If there is anything else I could do to help please let me know.
    Bert @ Rosemount

      • Bert said:

        Hello. I should have been more specific about where I’ll start.
        You know as well as I that Umore park is an enormous amount of land to cover. It cant be completely covered in one day. However, I will be entering at the S.E corner of U-more onto east 152nd st. from hwy 46, working my way Northbound toward 42 and then “tailing” back again. I’m pretty familiar with the area.

      • engelnm said:

        Sounds great. Do you need any help at all?
        Again, once you are finished- can you let me know the total area you covered (if it’s different from what you put here)? Thank you!

      • Bert said:

        No thank you, I should be fine. Thanks for offering though.
        I will certainly let you know what I have completed.
        Chat with you tomorrow. Take care.

      • Bert said:

        I went to the Umore park area this morning and was met by a Rosemount police officer who told me that I couldn’t go onto the property to search and that I could only drive upon the public roads to search. He told me that I would have to contact the u of m for a release in order to walk the property. I was a little shocked to see a officer patrolling the area considering its “out in the boonies”. He said that he wishes her family well and is hoping that they find closure soon. As do I.
        I will be researching contacts so I can go on the land and will certainly keep you informed.
        You mentioned that next weekend you would be setting up another area for searching? If so, I’d like to join.
        Let me know. Thanks

  8. Martin Pease said:

    My brothers and I grew up (50 years ago!) living on Pine Bend road but we probably still know something about the area (in spite of all the industry now). If you have something we could help with in this area, please let me know.


    • engelnm said:

      Hi Mart, anything helps. When you have completed your search- no matter the area, please let me know (and be as specific as possible) so we can mark the areas as searched. Thank you so much!

  9. Has any one thought of the St Croix there are places there that you can drive close to the water. I feel he might have put her in the river Croix or Mississippi. Crosby, Fort Snelling, or Hidden Falls areas. Get a Treasure Hunt book & use the maps in it.

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