Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

This is the first blog entry to help bring Kira home. The intention of this blog is to have a forum to discuss and update locations, and ensure a systematic and public means to find Kira Trevino.  

Sitting on the couch, my boyfriend and I discussed how we can help to find her, but also make it easier for everyone that wants to help. My boyfriend has a degree, and currently works in GIS, which is in the simplest terms- a means of creating maps and data (think google earth-esque), so making a map of all of these places (which will include parks, preserves, and as much of the information the police have suggested as areas to search for her). These will be noted as POIs, or Points of Interest to make it easier to see where you are in relation to these areas, and where they exist as potential spots to look. We have contacted the St. Paul Police Department, and may even be able to include data of areas they have searched as well. 

Each week (hopefully it won’t take long) my boyfriend will compile mapping data (from everyone’s searches) and post it, along with dialogue about noted findings, important info or areas that anyone would like double checked. We are making the map easy to read, and once we have more data, will have a legend so all of you are able to discern what you are looking at, what has been searched and so forth.

This is just a group to help with organization.  ANY AND ALL TIPS OR LEADS NEED TO GO DIRECTLY TO THE ST. PAUL TIP LINE: 1.651.560.3277 (you can call or text them in). We don’t want to get in the way of or hinder the investigation, but it is also important to have an idea of places to look- and try not to duplicate efforts. This is all in service of helping a dear and beautiful friend. Please share this with friends, family, co-workers- anyone that may want to help, as the more people that look, the better the chances are of finding her. 

Again, looking once won’t always ensure that the spot can be “crossed off” as elements may mean she moves into or around an area where someone may have previously looked. Hopefully, in conjunction with the tip line, we can narrow down areas, and re-comb them as needed.  The more you canvass, the better your odds. And that is my hope. 

Please use the comments section to annotate areas you have looked, or possible ideas. Reach out to me if you need anything or have questions.Image

We are GOING to bring her home, it takes a village- but we can do it.

Pura Vida. 



  1. Abbie said:

    We searched the Minnesota Valley Wild Life Refuge, on Sunday, March 3rd, 2013. There were no signs of her there.

    Our next search will be on Saturday, March 9th, 2013, place is yet to be determined.

    We will also be searching, the Brickyards, in St. Paul, on Sunday, March 10, 2013. This search will start at Noon…

  2. Kevin said:

    Just want to add the Minnesota Valley Wildlife Refuge is pretty big and we didn’t search a lot of ground so it’s possible she could still be there.

    • engelnm said:

      Kevin, do you have an approximate area so we can mark off a section

  3. Kevin said:

    We looked around the area where the visitor’s center is, walked around some of the trails right around there looking for any sign of her or any sign that she might have been dragged through the immediate area. Didn’t really go super far to be honest.

  4. Jackie said:

    I was thinking about his recent trip to Wausau the Wednesday before she went missing, traveling to places often gives you knowledge of secluded locations which you are familiar with. I would suggest that route be checked. Ex. Back roads off the hwy, rest areas, in moments of panic we go places we are familiar with ensuring less attention and lessens his chances of getting lost. Also they liked to run and walk, anyone who knows their fav places? Again, familiar areas for him. Last, if he took 35 N to Wyoming MN, there is an area to the west that looks worthy of check, easy to get there and back. Hope this helps, I am working to find a way to get down and help look.

  5. Angie Boese said:

    I didn’t hear anything about him traveling back to Wausau right before this happened. Is this true? If so let me know because I still have a lot of family/friends in the Wausau area and can make a trip back home. Rib Mountain State park and the Nine Mile trail both are in Wausau.

  6. Kevin said:

    It was reported that he was in Wausau are for some kind of work and that he visited Kira’s mother while he was out there I guess.

  7. Abbie said:

    Minnesota Valley Wild Life Refuge- We took Trail one all the way to a dirt (muddy) path. We probably walked a little over a mile, wouldn’t ya say Kevin? We then went back and had taken Trail 6 to a over look of the marsh. I cut across the Marsh, before Kevin showed up… I didn’t see anything where I had walked. The Marsh is large… We went thru the Bloomington entry way.

  8. jen said:

    hey guys..im really sorry for what you are going through, i understand her car was found by the mall of america, i live about a mile from there near the wooded river bluffs and i went and walked along a familiar trail just to see if i notcied anything. i just wanted to let you know that im keeping my eyes open and that i think the woods near the mall is a good place to look..im going to talk to some friends about going down there with me, you are in my prayers.

  9. jen said:

    i just wanted to add that the woods i was referring to is not the wildlife reserve, the wooded area i wanted to more throughly look around is behind a residential area..theres a trail that goes behind a place called martin luther manor and if i remember right it runs all the way to cedar, i know the woods along the river bluffs is a huge area to look, so im trying to find people to help. are the police helping to find her with k-9s at all?

  10. Angel said:

    Just wanted someone to look into these places if no one has thought about them. has anyone started searching the caves in St.Paul. I was driving around on Sunday. I just could not remember where they are. it’s been 20 years since I was there. I did drive down Shepard road and looked around the huge abandoned building over by the excel plant & the dog park over there. Island Station in 2012. I was just driving i did not get out of the car. I was looking for possible large enough openings in the fence around the abandoned bldg. I did notice that there are ways to possible get in there down the river more maybe; I couldnt tell 100 % from the road. I had my daughter with me, and this is a very very close friend to her.and I didnt want to be out there alone. pictures of this area are here http://saintpaulbybike.wordpress.com/tag/shepard-road/… it might be another good area to search.

  11. Mark D said:

    Angel: Them caves are blocked now. They are on the other side of the river from the City of St Paul. The old abandoned power plant is fenced in right up to the river. There is a plowed road that goes close to the river, SEIU Building driveway? I will check for access tomorrow, great idea!
    Thank You!!
    Mark D

  12. Mark D said:

    Jackie’s post “March 7th” has me pulling back to St Paul: [ Also they liked to run and walk, anyone who knows their fav places]. There are miles of paved paths right in the area of their house with some secluded automobile parking.
    Gearing Up 03/13/13 Am..
    Lets bring Her Home!

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