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I just want to take a moment to say thank you- to all of the people that have been searching.  You may know Kira very well, you may have met her once. Or, you may not have known who the heck this gal was until this all began happening.  But the fact remains, that the amount of people that care- to come out in the cold and help look, some traveling long distances, is a testament to just how special she is.

This weekend was full of searches, so as you will notice, the map got  A LOT bigger.


The GREEN NEON DOT is Kira’s home, the YELLOW NEON DOT is the Mall of America, the RED LINES are the areas searched.  There are 3 maps, an overview of the whole area, a detailed map, and a PDF of the detailed area, that you may zoom in on and check out a bit closer. On the overview map, there are rings.  Each one is representative of 10 miles.  So, the first is 10 miles out, the second 20 and so forth.  It really helps to zoom in, as it is much more detailed, and easier to read.

Detailed Map (need to zoom into image) –
Detailed (Large 10.22 MB) PDF –

Once you have searched an area, please comment on this blog so we may mark the area off.  BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE to the areas you looked (many smartphones have GPS apps, such as Edomundo, Charity Miles, and MapMyWalk in which the exact area that you look is mapped. You can screen shot it, or email it to  If you do not have a smartphone, or access to these apps- bring a notebook and keep track of notable areas (path names, intersections and so forth). This makes it easier for us to map, but more importantly, for someone that may want to continue searching the same area won’t be retracing your steps, rather going off of where you may have left off.

WHEN SEARCHING: have a buddy, bring your fully charged cell phone, wear brightly colored, weather appropriate clothing, and- as we have found, bring a walking stick (hockey sticks and unscrewed broom/mop/rake handles work great also) to poke in the snow.  A pair of binoculars is helpful as well.

If you find any evidence, do NOT TOUCH IT!!! Call the tip line at 651.560.3277. Again, thank you so much… we are hopefully getting closer to bringing this beautiful woman home.

Pura Vida,




Good Evening everyone, here are the most updated maps.  I want to take a second to tell you just HOW MANY places we are adding each day- the answer is A LOT!! All thanks to every one of you searching and reporting back.  The outpouring of support is incredible.  In the 6 days we have had this blog going, over 5200 people have checked it out.  PLEASE keep sharing it- however you are able.  This work makes it easier for the police, and will ensure she may rest in peace much sooner than later.

Here are the links: MAP LEGEND– The NEON GREEN DOT is Kira’s house, the NEON YELLOW DOT is the Mall of America, and the RED LINES are areas that have been marked as searched.  On the Overview map, we have added a PURPLE 50 mile radius.

50 mile buffer overview –
Detailed Version-turned off labels for places (becoming too busy) –

NEW FEATURE: Justin has created a PDF of the detailed map. When you open this one, you may zoom in MUCH closer, so you can look at specific areas. Each time we add places that have been searched, I always try to keep the locations of her home and MOA in the map so you can see the searched areas, however- for those that would like to search more of an area, the PDF version will allow you to get much closer in to the area you are interested in.

– There is also, on the overview map a 50 mile radius buffer area.

When searching:

– Please note the areas you have searched as best you can- Bring a notepad to write down intersections, mileage etc (some people have suggested GPS applications for phones, such as MapMyWalk, Edomundo, and so forth). You can send the map to  This makes it much easier for Justin to note the areas you searched exactly.  Please add a comment on this blog of areas you have searched.

Bring a fully charged cell phone, wear bright colors, use the buddy system, wear weather appropriate clothing, and be careful of private property and areas of trespass.

IF YOU FIND KIRA: do NOT disturb the scene. Please notify the tip line at 651.560.3277.

As always, let me know if you have any questions, or need help with the maps!

Pura Vida,



Good evening everyone, firstly- to those that spent time this weekend, either with the organized search or on your own THANK YOU!!! And, secondly thank you for sharing with friends, family and co-workers.  Having people regularly provide updates with locations has been incredibly helpful. I want you all to realize that the task of finding someone (a needle in a hay stack if you will) becomes infinitely easier when you have so many people invested in helping. I am from Wisconsin- and I heard about “Minnesota Nice” before moving here, but this is really incredible.

The searches today didn’t yield in bringing Kira home, but we have a lot of great information, and so many places were “marked in red.” Any other areas that you have searched- please leave a comment or reply, and be as detailed as possible, noting start and end areas.  This makes the task of marking off specific sections that much easier.

*** For those of you that are computer savvy, a note from Justin***

I want to thank you all for updating where your search efforts are happening. I am trying my best to create the map information based off of the descriptions you are sending, but sometimes it can be a bit tricky for me to exactly understand the area and extent of your search! I would ask a huge favor of anyone submitting information with regard to places and areas they have searched. Assuming you have a pc (if you have a Mac hopefully you will know all the ins and outs to what I am about to ask), the following steps would make it much easier on my end to exactly understand where you are talking about. Open up your web browser and select a mapping website ( , , , etc). Zoom into the area you have searched. Press your print screen button. This will do a screen capture. Next go to the lower left, click the windows button (or start), all programs, accessories, and then paint. now Paste (Crtl + V). now draw on your map with a color that sticks out (red, yellow, etc). You can add text, etc. Save the file as a jpg and send the link to me – findingkiratrevino  at

MAP LEGEND: We have added a YELLOW DOT to show the Mall of America. The NEON GREEN DOT is Kira’s home.  The RED are locations that have been searched.

If you need a particular area zoomed in more, let me know.

I am focusing on the sections that were searched (I will include the links for the larger map and previous sections), as you will note that some of the southern and western searches have been cut off. It becomes very difficult to read or see the red when it is zoomed out so far, so we thought this would be easier. Let me know if you have questions or need help with the map.

As always, SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!!!

Notes on searching: Please use the buddy system, wear bright clothing, carry a fully charged cell phone, and dress for the elements. A walking stick (we unscrewed broomsticks and rakes) will be helpful to navigate terrain, and also to poke in deeper snow. If you find Kira, do NOT disturb the area- and please call the tip line at 651.560.3277

Thank you again,





Hey folks, here is the most up to date map we have.  Please, PLEASE let me know (via the comments or reply section on here) what places you have searched so we can update the map accordingly.

Many of the places have been canvassed, meaning the whole location has been searched.  Some of them have only been walking trails or sidewalks.  It is important to note those kinds of details, so we can make sure we are “crossing off” the appropriate area.

The intention is to help narrow locations down so we can better find Kira.

Please, use the buddy system and dress weather appropriate- carrying a fully charged phone, and wearing bright colored clothing so you stay safe.

If you find anything, do NOT disturb the site, call the tip line at 651.560.3277.

MAP LEGEND: Kira’s home is the neon green dot, all searched areas are indicated in red. 

Map overview (of all places) –
Detailed zoomed in version –

Let’s bring her home folks. And, most important- thank you so much for taking the time to read this, to volunteer to search, and to share with friends.

Pura Vida,


First and foremost- if you are reading this post, please, please help spread the word about it- so that anyone that has been searching can add a comment as to the areas they have looked.3

The intention of the map you see is to be both large scale and more detailed. I am going to be providing more “zoomed in” areas so that people may see what has been searched in those areas.  Since the radius is very large at 100 miles, it would be next to impossible to be able to see more minute details, such as a smaller section of a park.  The maps may look a little different as far as sizing is concerned, but we will keep it as consistent as possible so that people may be able to read it, no matter your level or ability to read a map.

What you are looking at is the first (and so far only) location that has been searched (this is also why it is going to be so important to comment on areas you have looked, so we may have more data within the map).  READING THE MAP: The smaller neon green circle is the location of Kira’s home. That will always be able to be seen on the map, no matter the size, so you may have orientation from her home.  Anything in red (as noticed on this map) is indicative of the area searched.  The more specific you are, the easier it will be for us to mark an area off.  For example, if I searched a park- but only searched a 4 mile loop beginning at the parking lot and ending where I began, please note that. **** Bringing a notepad to write down details of where you have looked will not only give us the best idea of the location, but also help in the instance you are lost (please be safe, wear appropriate shoes/clothing, bring your fully charged cell phone, and don’t go in unfamiliar areas alone.)

This weekend there is a search effort that will be going on- another map will be posted Monday to update those areas.

Here are the details of that search (it is an organized search- if you are able to participate, please join. However, the other intention of the map is to be able to see where you are in relation to Kira’s house and search independent, if you would like, of those searches- and also see what areas have already been looked into).

Search time and date: Noon Saturday, March 9th.

Location: Mississippi National River and Recreation Area, Spring Lake. 13690 Pine Bend Trail Rosemount, MN 16.8 miles (about 21 minutes) from Kira’s home (the neon green dot).

Terrain/weather: It is expected to rain tomorrow. Dress warm/rain gear, boots or galoshes (for walking in the woods) if possible. Walking sticks recommended.

Notes on search: in an effort to be safe, please bring a fully charged cellphone.  Buddy system will be in effect. There is a sign in/out sheet, both to ensure no one is lost, and also to properly record location.

An officer will be stopping by the search site to speak with the group.

One last thing- I don’t want people to become uninterested in the blog, and would like it to be as relevant and informative as possible. Please only reply or comment with relevant information as to your searches. I don’t want to bog this down with information that is not fact based.  Thank you.

If you have issues seeing this map- please let me know. The space for us to insert a photo is limited, so if you are unable to zoom or save to your computer and see it larger, please don’t hesitate to speak up!

People were having trouble seeing a larger version of the map- here is a link to click on to see the maps.  Going forward, I will include a small picture and the link to download and see the full version for all posts.

Pura Vida,


This is the first blog entry to help bring Kira home. The intention of this blog is to have a forum to discuss and update locations, and ensure a systematic and public means to find Kira Trevino.  

Sitting on the couch, my boyfriend and I discussed how we can help to find her, but also make it easier for everyone that wants to help. My boyfriend has a degree, and currently works in GIS, which is in the simplest terms- a means of creating maps and data (think google earth-esque), so making a map of all of these places (which will include parks, preserves, and as much of the information the police have suggested as areas to search for her). These will be noted as POIs, or Points of Interest to make it easier to see where you are in relation to these areas, and where they exist as potential spots to look. We have contacted the St. Paul Police Department, and may even be able to include data of areas they have searched as well. 

Each week (hopefully it won’t take long) my boyfriend will compile mapping data (from everyone’s searches) and post it, along with dialogue about noted findings, important info or areas that anyone would like double checked. We are making the map easy to read, and once we have more data, will have a legend so all of you are able to discern what you are looking at, what has been searched and so forth.

This is just a group to help with organization.  ANY AND ALL TIPS OR LEADS NEED TO GO DIRECTLY TO THE ST. PAUL TIP LINE: 1.651.560.3277 (you can call or text them in). We don’t want to get in the way of or hinder the investigation, but it is also important to have an idea of places to look- and try not to duplicate efforts. This is all in service of helping a dear and beautiful friend. Please share this with friends, family, co-workers- anyone that may want to help, as the more people that look, the better the chances are of finding her. 

Again, looking once won’t always ensure that the spot can be “crossed off” as elements may mean she moves into or around an area where someone may have previously looked. Hopefully, in conjunction with the tip line, we can narrow down areas, and re-comb them as needed.  The more you canvass, the better your odds. And that is my hope. 

Please use the comments section to annotate areas you have looked, or possible ideas. Reach out to me if you need anything or have questions.Image

We are GOING to bring her home, it takes a village- but we can do it.

Pura Vida.